How can I say this about our new national treasure, The Bodycoach?

Well, he’s lovely looking.  He’s a lot younger and fitter than me.   (I stole this pic from Heart Radio so you can see what I mean, just on case you you’ve never heard of him). He’s also massively successful, sells books and is famous for doing what the rest of us Weight Loss Personal Trainers do every day.  I’m clearly going to be jealous of all of that.

But ALSO he’s thought of this thing that I wish I had thought of.  Dammitt!!

In one of his “Bodycoach” blogs he calls the scales the “Sad Step”.

 “One of the biggest challenges when it comes to health and fitness is motivation and there’s no bigger motivational killer than scales. I call scales the ‘sad step’, because they will almost always leave you feeling disappointed.”  (Joe Wicks)

WHY didn’t I say that first?  Its truly brilliant and I am going to have to talk about it for ever more now.   Its an inspirational name that sums up the thorniest of issues for folks wanting to lose weight.

Many people find that weighing themselves as part of a weight loss and fitness programme is totally pointless.  In fact, stepping on the scales always makes them feel worse and not better.

Here’s the scenario. It’s the end of the week. You know you’ve done loads – exercised every day, watching what you eat, and really trying hard. You tentatively step up onto that platform and watch the numbers …..  and the result of that alone can send you soaring high, or crashing down.

Understanding the part that your feelings play is vital in this. Listen carefully to your own reactions.  If you feel that your scales are your “Sad Step”, then its time to hide that step away. Do what Joe Wicks (and every other fitness and weight loss coach in the land) says, and find other ways to monitor your progress.

If weighing yourself regularly makes you feel rubbish, then I strongly suggest that you find another better way to monitor your progress.  Feeling sad, angry, negative, frustrated, depressed will NOT help you to stick to your plan.

12 Ways To Avoid the Sad Step

  1. Look for other ways to monitor progress – maybe you get less out of puff, are more flexible, or stronger?
  2. Do you just FEEL better?
  3. Is your energy improved?
  4. Are you sleeping better?
  5. Has your digestion improved?
  6. Do you feel like you’re back in control in some way?
  7. Some say their skin is the first place it shows.
  8. Perhaps you’ve just started getting compliments?
  9. Photographs – a picture tells 1000 words! Take front, back and side views.
  10. Tape measure – we like to measure neck, arm, chest, waist, hips, thigh.
  11. Clothes – what do you want to get into, and are you any closer yet?
  12. Reflection – do what I do and take a good long hard look at yourself in the buff in your mirror once a month!!